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Many genes with reproductive roles also have antibacterial and immune functions, which indicate that the threat of microbial attack on the sperm or egg may be a major influence on rapid evolution during reproduction. We examined the patient's' immune response.
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Immune system - Wikipedia.
An evasion strategy used by several pathogens to avoid the innate immune system is to hide within the cells of their host also called intracellular pathogenesis Here, a pathogen spends most of its life-cycle inside host cells, where it is shielded from direct contact with immune cells, antibodies and complement.
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IMMUNE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Journalists, he insisted, must be immune protected from prosecution. The president claimed he was immune from prosecution. She was immune to my charms. The mice seemed to be immune to the effects of the drug. She's' an experienced politician, but she's' not immune to criticism.
Immune Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
im mune i-ˈmyün Definition of immune. 1: not susceptible or responsive immune to all pleas especially: having a high degree of resistance to a disease immune to diphtheria. 2 a: produced by, involved in, or concerned with immunity or an immune response immune agglutinins immune globulins.
immune meaning of immune in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
2 immune response/reaction 3 EFFECT/INFLUENCE not before noun not affected by something that happens or is done immune to The Labour Party is not immune to new ideas. 4 PROTECT not before noun specially protected from something unpleasant immune from The senior members of the group appeared to be immune from arrest.

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